BPAAS Vendora

Simplify your business processes and easily create stronger relationships with your vendors by collaborating with them in a secure, online environment.

BPAAS Vendora is a solution which enables organizations to deliver effective vendor management. This solution delivers functionalities like vendor onboarding, vendor invoicing for both PO and Non-PO engagements, vendor compliances, reporting of statuses to vendor of their payments etc. The solution has an integrated workflow system which allows organizations to have proper approval flow for all kind of transactions related to their external vendors. This solution can be integrated with BPAAS Proqure which is RFP management solution and this integrated solution can deliver functionalities related to end to end supplier management. The solution can be deployed on data center servers or on hosted cloud or can be provided as SAAS platform. BPAAS Vendora saves time, improves data quality, eliminates manual entry to ERP and improves compliance.

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Optimize Business Process

BPAAS Vendora provides a single application for your supplier management. It delivers ease of doing business, ease of uploading documents, ease of getting updates, ease of communication and ease of managing history for audits and compliances.


Reduce Cost

BPAAS Vendora delivers a significant reduction in communication by digitizing them. This solution will maximize current operations of the procurement department by helping them to focus more on challenging and high value functions, and reducing calls from vendors and internal customers.


Enhanced Visibility

BPAAS Vendora increases visibility and transparency within organization and between organization and suppliers. The solution delivers visibility from submission of invoices to approval, to status, and to payments. Spend Analytics provides visibility to organization to take healthy decisions on spend costs.


Size doesn’t Matter

Whether organization is large, medium, or small, today’s world need digitization to provide enhanced experience to their clients and suppliers. Whether you are processing 100 or 1000 invoices, BPAAS Vendora streamlines processes and improve efficiencies and gives ROI.


An Overview On BPAAS Vendora