About Us

We are working to build and enhance the functionality of any business model with our expertise and automation services

Who we are ?

Today, lot of organizations look out for solutions which can automate their internal processes and bring higher productivity. These organizations can be big or small in revenue but they look for partners who can add value to their processes and bring automation using their technical strength. Looking at this aspect of the clients, BPAAS Solutions was born with a vision of developing processes across departments and deliver them as a service to the client. Over the period of 4 years, BPAAS has developed such solutions related to Supply Chain Management, AI Based Extraction, Point of Sale solutions and invoicing solutions. The company plans to extend these solutions to clients as a service and develop solutions around Supply Chain Management and bring automation.

What we do ?

BPAAS Solutions is in to development of solutions and providing services to customers for OEM’s like Newgen & Automation Anywhere. The solutions have been developed on Open Source Technologies and are available to customers as a service or On-Premise deployment at their data centers. BPAAS is also in to providing consulting for studying processes and providing optimum solution for automation of those processes. We as an organization believe that the speed and pace at which technology is growing and bringing ways to automate processes for higher productivity, we as an organization can provide solutions to customers which have higher ROI and reduces burden on internal IT systems.

our mission

BPAAS Solutions logo presents our mission. The blue shows subtlety, loyalty and trust towards our customers. It also denotes experience, business traditions and values. The orange denotes youthfulness and freshness within the organization to deliver best className solutions to customers. It talks about the new age team and its thought process.


our journey

Developed 6 Solutions in 5 years of Journey