BPAAS Proqure

BPAAS Proqure provides automation of RFQ Generation/Approval, RFQ/RFP release to multiple vendors, capture Vendor Responses, Comparative Analysis of Quotes, Purchase Order Generation, and Purchase Requisition. It delivers open APIs for integration with back-end ERP systems

BPAAS Proqure is a digital procurement solution which allows your procurement team or employees to request a purchase from virtually anywhere. This solution provides an organization with set of functionalities to support the procurement of goods and services. The solution brings transparency across your organization, reduces costs and improves operations efficiency. The solution gives your vendors/partners ease to bid, ease to query and follow compliances as desired by your organization. Proqure reporting platform provides management for single view of purchases completed, purchases pending, purchases in-progress with statuses, spend analytics, vendors selected etc. The reporting platform provides useful information which helps organization to take decisions and decide future road map of procurement in the organization. BPAAS Proqure solution can be deployed on data center servers or on hosted cloud or can be provided as SAAS platform.


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Purchase Requisition Simplified

Every organization needs to raise requisition to procure material and need faster way to get approvals. With BPAAS requisition module in place, the purchasing department can raise request with necessary documentation for approvals and procurement.


Smooth Quotation Process

Traditional approach to quotation management can be a complex & error-prone process leading to loss of business. RFQs, RFPs, and RFIs can be raised to vendors and can enable vendors to submit quotations and other documents digitally through BPAAS Proqure.


Easy Integrations

Procurement Systems need information from ERP Systems to ensure organization is not doing a lot of buying and spending. BPAAS Proqure delivers API which can be integrated with downstream and upstream applications to ensure data transparency and helps purchasing managers to take approval decisions.


Solution Extension

BPAAS Proqure solution can be integrated with other BPAAS Solutions which can deliver functionalities of Vendor Management and Purchase Order Einvoicing.