Extract accurately relevant content from documents, emails, uploads and data sources using BPAAS SmartEx (AI Built Engine).

BPAAS SmartEx solution is an extraction engine solution which enables extraction of data from documents which has been scanned shared through different mode of communications. The engine extracts data and has capability to export data to different systems as required by an organization. This engine enables organization to analyze and interpret scanned images and convert them into real electronic text. It increases the value of your scanned documents by making content searchable and reusable. The engine has capability to be integrated with other solutions of BPAAS and can deliver much bigger functionalities along with other solutions. The engine can be deployed on premise data center or hosted cloud or can be provided as SAAS platform. BPAAS SmartEx delivers high accuracy of extraction along with reduction in size of the document without losing quality of the document.

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BPAAS SmartEx is AI Based engine for analysing text and extracting data for all the departments in the organization.


Identification Quality

BPAAS SmartEx has maximum identification quality in extracting and validating data. The solution can be integrated with BPAAS Proqure & Vendora for end-to-end automation.


Automate Extraction

BPAAS SmartEx delivers high degree of automation with lowest proportion of manual effort. It is a perfect solution to automate extraction and further processing of extracted data.


An Overview On BPAAS SmartEx